Whilst we have always been very popular, being featured in Neo magazine amongst others, and having scores of people returning event after event for new imagery to be created, we have always been keen to continue to keep ahead of the competition.

In order to do so we have always been looking at standing out with better work and customer services than the competition; with this in mind in 2018, a panel of 20 images taken and sold at events were submitted to the Society of International Schools and Event Photographers (part of The Societies of Photographers) to be assessed at the Associate level, something that had never been awarded by the society before.

In September, the assessment was passed, making us the very first in this prestigious International Society to receive this accolade!

Awards are not what our business is about, but it helps focus us and make sure that we are pushing ourselves to provide the very highest standards possible and we will continue to do so going forward, for now we will revel in the fact we have been the first to ever receive this level and whilst still providing a great service we will be looking at how we can continue to improve and set our bar even higher looking towards to the Fellowship award in the next few years too.

Please take a few moments to enjoy the 20 images that were submitted as part of this award, and tag and share if you like too!

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